my girl crush 5eva

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" He met me at the airport yesterday with a huge, amazing home made sign. He took my bags and whisked me away into the dizzying madness of Kuta, Bali. This place is crazy. Organised chaos. It’s filthy, it’s scary, it’s faced paced and absolutely like no where else I’ve been on earth. I had many friends tell me I wouldn’t like Kuta, they know how much I value my solidarity and being at one with nature on deserted beaches and empty nature trails. But I absolutely love this place. Last night we bar hopped to all the tacky clubs in town, ate with the locals at a dirty warung, found ourselves at an empty heaving regge bar and sat under the two storey high shrine to Bob Marley saluting the king with our hookah. On the way home after rounds of dizzying cocktails and bintangs we stumbled out of another bar and got chased by the local police on scooters. Screaming and clinging to him for dear life as we weaved in and out of oncoming traffic, I decided to change my tact. With a deep calming breath I shut my eyes, loosened my grip and surrendered to the utter outrageousness of the situation we were in. I basked in the hot air whipping across my eyelids and face, allowed the blaring of the hundreds of scooter horns and police shouting at us to pull over to dance around my ears and I joyously swayed my body with the swerves of the motorbike - I couldn’t help but smile. It’s moments like these that make you realise you can’t fight. You learn that you must be open to life and surrender to its wonder, whatever the situation you find yourself in. Surrender to the madness, embrace the chaos and always, always, choose ‘dare’ and not ‘truth’! "

- travelling with my babe Miann Scanlan, 2013. (via trustinlifeandswimnaked)

" Summer nights should be spent outside. "

- Six word story, June 16, 2014 (218/365)

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'It's not your fault.”